Litigation Isn’t Easy

A civil trial can seem like a journey. Unforeseeable bumps in the road can get you off track. Knowledgeable assistance at the right time can be a life-saver!

RAZOR LEGAL provides consulting services for your visual strategy in the courtroom. RAZOR LEGAL provides expertise in digital exhibit presentation.
Like an emergency kit for trial attorneys.

You know your case better than anybody. After living through all the depositions and gathering evidence in discovery. Yet, a prepared and reliable technician for exhibit presentation and technical support in the courtroom allows you to focus on telling the story. Eric Braun has more experience in the courtroom than most trial attorneys and can streamline your preparation while providing a fresh look at the themes of your case.

A little shine goes a long way when you’re presenting a legal argument.
We know there’s seldom a second chance to get it right. Speed, precision and accuracy is our main focus. Avoid the embarrassing scenario of your laptop crashing while the courtroom is waiting on you. The RAZOR way keeps you looking good and calm under pressure.

Creative solutions and speedy turnaround… Deposition clips? It’s our specialty. Convert your DVDs? No Problem… Or, maybe you need surveillance footage edited into short concise clips? Let us take a look under the hood and give your video a tune-up.