Speed, Precision, Accuracy

Courtroom support services

An Emergency Kit for Trial Attorneys

Throughout the day-to-day witness testimony and ready for any cross-examination,
having an experienced Trial Technician gives you the winning edge.


Equipment Setup

Projectors and screens, ready to go. Leave the presentation equipment setup and logistics to us.

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Exhibit Presentation

Expert techniques with Trial Director presentation software. Side-by-side document display with quickness and ease.

Witness Preparation

With more than a dozen years of experience working in venues across the United States we provide a fresh perspective.

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Trial is like a journey

With twists and turns along the way, unknown territory can lead to challenges,
potentially lurking around each corner. With a judge or jury watching your every move…
We know there’s seldom a second chance to get it right.

Speed, precision and accuracy is our motto. Creative solutions and speedy turnaround are the main focus. Deposition clips? It’s our specialty. Convert your DVDs? No Problem… Or, maybe you need surveillance footage edited into short concise clips?

Let us look under the hood and give your video a tune-up.

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The best way to get their attention

Chances are, if your case is less than 15 years old, you've got video depositions to deal with.
Our experience with synchronizing depo transcripts to video can be your winning edge. We can advise your staff with best practice solutions and real-world know-how.

video editing services

Combine pages from various sources like dictionary pages and other admitted exhibits to create a concise presentation. It’s an effective method of focusing the attention of any fact finder in your case.

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